Yes, You Can Roller Derby!

Roller derby is culturally synonymous with fishnets, elbows, and fast skating. In reality, modern roller derby is more regulated than the bouts of yesteryear, and there are many factors that go into making a team work! At Des Moines Roller Derby, we believe that there is a space for every body. We welcome skaters and volunteers (on or off skates) of all genders, abilities, and experience. Did we mention that volunteers can also have derby names?
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Take this quiz to find out where to start with us.

Remember the letter corresponding to your preferred answer.

1. What are roller skates?

a. Roller skates are boots with four wheels that aren't... inline. Quads give me wings!

b. Roller skates are those zippy things that look cool, but I'd rather not wear them.

c. Roller skates are fun, and I love learning new things. Quads give me power!

d. I used to rollerblade when I was a kid!

2. Finish the sentence. When I go to events, I typically...

a. am the presenter. I love putting on a show!

b. work behind the scenes to make sure everything goes according to plan.

c. notice every detail: from the successes down to the typos in the program.

d. take it all in--the sights, the sounds, the excitement... It pumps me up!

3. How do you manage time?

a. I am so immersed in my tasks that I wait for the alarm or someone to tell me it's time for the next thing.

b. I use a stopwatch or timer to keep track of time. It's important to be punctual.

c. I know the time so well, people usually look to me to stay on-schedule. And I don't mind it!

d. Time flies when you're having fun!

4. When it comes to rules...

a. I know they exist. I practice how to follow them, but everybody makes mistakes.

b. I appreciate them, and am happy to help enforce them.

c. Listen to me when I say: rules must be followed. They minimize disorder and chaos.

d. Call me an anthropologist: I love observing people following, breaking, and enforcing rules... even when I don't know all the rules.

5. How do you respond to close contact?

a. Is there such a thing as personal space? Contact sports are my thing.

b. Yeah, it's not my thing. I have a sizable personal bubble.

c. I don't mind it, but I respect the boundaries and expect you to, as well.

d. I'd rather watch from a distance.

6. You have the option to play the lottery, watch R-Rated movies unsupervised, have a smoke, or vote in elections.

a. Yes, and I may or may not partake.

b. Yes, and I may or may not partake.

c. Yes, and I may or may not partake.

d. Not yet, but I will when I'm 18!*

*While you cannot actively participate in our organization, we welcome you at our events as a spectator. If you're interested in roller derby, check out the local youth league!

Alright, which letter do you identify with the most? Read on to learn about the roles in derby!

You are a...

Mostly A: Rostered Skater

You love physical contact, working with a team, and dealing with chaotic variables. In fact, you relish the chance to hip-check someone or stop a skater from passing you. The thought of racing around the track at full speed gives you goosebumps. You want to improve your footwork, speed, power, and communication skills on and off the track.

In DMRD, our rostered skaters are the Cornstalks, and our learning skaters are Cornbabies. (C'mon, this is Iowa after all.)

Mostly B: Non-Skating Official

You're not so keen on having wheels strapped to your feet, but you have skills, baby, and you're not afraid to use them! You enjoy activities such as recording information (ahem, keeping track of other peoples' mistakes), selling things, tallying scores, communicating with a crew, or being an emcee. You love making a production run smoothly and want to be a part of the team!

In DMRD, NSOs make the derby world go round: score keepers, penalty trackers, announcers, committee volunteers, and so much more!

Mostly C: Skating Official

Okay, so you like roller skating, but not so much the thought of throwing your body at someone else's. You're a quick thinker who pays attention to detail and doesn't mind calling people out. You value rules and know how to enforce them. When it comes to fashion, stripes are your thing, preferably in high-contrast colors.

DMRD officials are the Scarecrows in our crop! Refs attend practices with the rostered skaters to keep up their skating skills. Instead of contact drills, they make sure the team is well-versed in the rulebook!

Mostly D: Spectator

You are a curious human who loves a good show and appreciates puns. The derby world seems shiny and interesting, but you don't have the time to volunteer or aren't ready to pick up roller skating. That's okay! In derby, we love our fans. They are dedicated, rowdy, and value inclusivity.

DMRD fans get to enjoy the fruits (dare I say, corn cobs) of the team's labor. They are welcome and encouraged to join our social outings! We love getting to know you and throwing our friends a wink or wave during bouts.

Do you have a pretty even mix? That's okay! Follow your heart to pick a role or reach out to us to learn more!

Five Seconds!

In a derby bout, "Five seconds!" is the sign that a jam is about to start. As you get ready to start your journey with Des Moines Roller Derby, we acknowledge that humans are always growing and changing (and hopefully for the better). Think of your quiz result as your foray into roller derby; it is not absolute. We are here for you at all levels of involvement!

Ready to start? The next step for you is to get in contact with us! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay in-the-know of all things DMRD.