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The dogs of Alaska need your love! To learn about how to get involved with the work we do at Summit Farms, please visit our Contact Us page and let us know which topic you are interested in.

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By far, our biggest goal is rescuing and rehoming dogs. Summit Farms staff train dogs and humans so they are ready for each other. We work with local veterinarians to create wholesome care plans. Here are a couple of the dogs we have available and ready for adoption. Stop by Summit Farms to meet the others!

Molly the Malamute loves to play outside.
Molly likes to play fetch.
Molly the Malamute lounges in the snow.
Molly loves to hang out in the snow!

Molly, age 8

Alaskan Malamute

Molly was used as a breeder dog in a puppy mill. She was rescued in 2022, and shortly gave birth to her final litter of pups. She passed her behavioral classes with flying colors and is house trained, leash trained, and even certified as a support dog! Molly loves children but is shy around loud environments. She is a great fit for a small family or country living!

Snowball the mini eskimo
Snowball loves running in the snow!
Snowball in the grass.
Snowball is a great hiking companion.

Snowball, age 11


Snowball was rescued from an abandoned home in the heat of summer. He was injured and in poor health. Snowball's days fending for himself have made him protective of his space, but he is not aggressive. He is a well-behaved dog and gets along well with animals after an introduction period. Snowball is house trained and well-suited for a quiet, slow-paced home. He is bonded with Cheerio.

Cheerio the Samoyed lays in the grass.
Cheerio does not like hot weather, but she will never turn down the chance to roll in the grass!
Cheerio the Samoyed runs in the snow.
Cheerio prefers cold weather. She will play in the snow for hours!

Cheerio, age 4


We rescued Cheerio after her owner passed away. She is a friendly pup who is extra playful in the cooler months. She loves to play with kids and meet new friends! Cheerio is spayed, house trained, and leash trained. She will do well in a home with a fenced-in backyard to run around. Cheerio is bonded to Snowball.

Adoption Process

Apply for adoption

Interview and meet the dogs

Home inspection

Attend a workshop (recommended)

Pay adoption fee ($100-$300)

Review care plan and adoption policies

Foster Process

Apply to become a foster home

Interview and meet the dogs

Home inspection

Attend a workshop (recommended)

Review care plan and foster policies

Weekly check-in shedule

Caring for Your Rescue Workshop

This workshop reviews key traits of Alaskan dogs, care and grooming techniques, and a few training tips. A lot of the information here can be applied to other breeds of dogs. Canine friends are encouraged to attend, but every human needs to register for the workshop. Visit the contact page to register.

First Saturday of the Month

9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Cost: $25 per person

Volunteer Training Workshop

First-time volunteers are required to attend a Volunteer Training workshop before beginning. Volunteers will get a tour of the farm and train on basic maintenance. Direct contact with the dogs is determined on a volunteer-by-volunteer basis, due to the sensitive needs of our rescues. Registration is required to attend,

First Saturday of the Month

1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Cost: Free