Training Tips

Sled dogs are inherently pack dogs; it is what makes them great at doing their job! Because of this, it is imperative that your Alaskan canine is trained so it knows you are its alpha.

woman trains pup to sit dog in training class

At Summit Farms, we provide a workshop to assist in caring for and training your pup. At the time of adoption, caretakers review the current care plan for their adoptee. This provides adopters with the chance to address concerns regarding their specific pup, home environment, and family needs.

We also encourage our patrons to enroll in training courses with your dog to encourage deeper bonding! Contact us for current referrals to trainers in your area.


Alaskan dog breeds have thick double coats, which means they will shed at least a little, and will need regular grooming.

trimming dog nails woman brushes a dog's coat

At Summit Farms, our dogs are bathed and their nails are trimmed every 6-8 weeks. Their coats are brushed at least once a week during 1:1 time.

At this time, Summit Farms only offers grooming services to dogs under our care. We are happy to recommend groomers local to you, or you can attend our care workshop to learn a few grooming tips!

Health and Nutrition

Alaskan dog breeds are work dogs! This means they have a lot of energy and strength. Being cooped up will build disruptive or destructive habits. Our rescues stay active ethrough daily walks, play time, and training.

sleddogs leashed together Greenland puppy gets ready to play.

Dogs who are ready for adoption have been through a full health and nutrition screening. This includes a physical, dental exam, spay or neuter, and other care as needed by local veterinarians.

Rescue dogs have a variety of needs and may require weeks or months of rehabilitation before they are ready to join a home as a family pet. Because of this, some dogs you may meet on our farm are not available for adoption.